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bankingApril 20, 2021

Oueidat Asks Ali Ibrahim to Probe Mecattaf Money Exchange Firm

State Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat on Monday asked Financial Prosecutor Ali Ibrahim to launch investigations over suspected violations by the Mecattaf money exchange firm, amid controversy over Mt. Lebanon Prosecutor Judge Ghada Aoun’s raids on the company’s offices.

The National News Agency said Oueidat asked Ibrahim to determine whether the firm has “breached the regulations that govern the work of money shipping companies, especially Decree 10726, which is related to amending the main decree no. 8024 (11/1/2002).”

Aoun has defied a decision by Oueidat to remove her from the case, carrying out two raids along with State Security agents on the firm’s offices in Awkar.

The developments have sparked a major political and judicial controversy in Lebanon.