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oil and gasApril 11, 2021

Report: Diab to Sign Oil Import Agreement with Iraq

Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab is scheduled to lead a delegation of Lebanese officials to visit Iraq on April 17,18, media reports said on Friday.

Diab’s trip will include the signing of a preliminary agreement to obtain 500 thousand tons of fuel oil in exchange for health and medical services, al-Akhbar daily said.

It added that after signing, the joint committees will draw up the final agreement in preparation for its approval.

In February, Iraq had agreed to a deal to supply Lebanon with 500,000 tonnes of fuel a year in return for medical expertise.

The caretaker ministers of Agriculture, Industry, Health, Tourism and Energy will accompany Diab during his trip.

They are expected to offer their Iraqi counterparts opportunities for cooperation in various fields, and to discuss the possibility of expanding the cooperation agreement.