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telecomJanuary 4, 2021

FlexxPay sets up telesales center in Beirut

The center will help support company sales staff in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE

JEDDAH: FlexxPay, the fintech company with headquarters in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, has set up a new telesales center in Beirut as part of its global expansion plan.
The center is part of a collaboration with ZIWO Cloud Call Center and will help to support company sales staff in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE.
FlexxPay is a Shariah-compliant platform that employees or pensioners can use to access a portion of their future income in advance. It covers salaries, commissions, pensions and end-of-service benefits, in order to allow users to plan their expenses.
“Setting up the telesales center in Lebanon is a strong empowerment for our business in addition to our existing on-ground sales staff. We have chosen ZIWO as our on-cloud call center solutions provider as they provide all the features we expect from a state-of-the art call center software. ZIWO enable us to manage phone calls, WhatsApp and SMS conversations, all in one place,” said Michael Truschler, CEO and co-founder of FlexxPay.
“Our strategy is to optimize our whole sales process by breaking it down into very specific roles and tasks. It starts with our planning team preparing detailed lists of potential new customers and passing them on to our telesales unit. The telesales team then executes the initial calls to the potential clients and passes on the interested contacts to the on-ground sales team that arranges remote calls or on-site visits,” he said.
ZIWO has access to potential customers in 145 countries, so opens up the geographical spread for FlexxPay’s services.
Truschler said that since the peak of the pandemic last spring, the platform has increased its monthly transactions by seven-fold and expects an increase of more than 10-fold in the next six months.
“This is just the beginning of significant expansion for us as people need solutions like FlexxPay more than ever.”
He added that customers who use the service are 60 percent more likely to use it again and the average usage is twice per month.