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AI to become more prevalent in the future of digital govt services: BCG

This level of integration is particularly significant in light of people’shigh expectations. The vast majority of GCC residents expecttheir government to provide services comparable to the best privatecompanies in the world or global digital leaders. These include autofilling forms with available customer data, tailoring or recommending additional offerings, and even automating complex tasks like travel bookings or loan approvals. When governments enter this traditionally private-sector territory, they must make a balanced trade-off between convenience on one hand and concerns about privacy on the other.

“AI is truly versatile and can beapplied in any sector to help decision- making, the Qatar 2022 World Cup is a great example. As enablers of increasing personalization and proactivity, Artificial Intelligence like digital ID, will become more prevalent in the future of digital government services, and Qatar is leading the way,” said Dr. Lars Littig, Managing Director & Partner BCG.

The Digital Government Citizen Survey (DGCS) study, which includes citizens and residents –spanning 40 countries, 26 digital government services, and almost30,000 individual responses – also highlighted other findings tounderstand the broader trends in digital government service delivery.Overall, GCC residents are satisfied with digital government services,appreciating benefits including understandable language, multipleplatform accessibility, and easy access to information. Meanwhile, real-time support and assistance were identified as a pain point, with other concerns in the Qatar relating to personal information security.

“Qatar holds a unique position globally in education, government and the private sector which together are shaping a bold research-tostart- up pipeline that is paving the way towards an ethical commercial sustainability in AI,” added Harold Haddad, Managing Director & Partner, BCG. “But clearly one approach will not fit all countries – each must find the level of personalization and proactive delivery that meets their residents’ needs and expectations, without trespassing on boundaries and trust.” “The COVID pandemic has driven strong adoption and delivery, and with higher implications for emerging digital government services. Qatar has risen as a leader in the field, advancing personalized, proactive service delivery. Overall, Qatar should continue to track people’s volving needs, while innovating and investing in technology that yields efficiency gains, community benefits, and most importantly, value for residents,” concluded Semyon Schetinin, Managing Director & Partner, BCG.