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Fayyad from Cairo says ensuring Arab water security paramount to deter foreign greed

NNA - Caretaker Energy Minister, Walid Fayyad, on Wednesday underlined the importance of ensuring water security in the Arab world to deter foreign greed and guarantee good management of this resource.

“Arab water security is a key pillar to provide a decent life to our people, ensure sustainable development in our countries, and establish peace between the region’s countries and peoples,” Fayyad told in his opening remarks at the Fourth Arab Water Conference in Cairo.

“The major threat to the Arab water security lies in the greed of foreign sides seeking our waters, whether through the existing conflicts over cross-border water in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Sudan and Lebanon, or through the Israeli enemy’s violation of the water in Palestine, Syria’s Golan, and Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms,” he said, calling for solidarity among the Arabs to recover and preserve rights.

“Ensuring Arab water security is an integral process to deter the foreign greed on one hand, and guarantee good management of the water resources on the other,” he underlined.