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Qassem: We'll be victorious in recovering our water, oil and gas rights

Hezbollah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem has noted that “today the Lebanese state is interested in the issue of recovering the water, oil and gas rights” and this is “a good scene.”

“The harmony present among the top leaders of the Lebanese state in favor of the unified stance on demarcation and on obtaining the Lebanese rights is a positive factor,” Qassem said in during a Ashura ceremony.

He also called on Lebanese officials to “work on two courses: the course of the demarcation and its related issues, and the course of some social, economic and governmental solutions, in addition to the issue of the state budget, which needs extraordinary attention.”

As for demarcation negotiations, Qassem said “everyone must be confident that Israel has no choice, because we have a right and because our state is benefiting from the strength of the army-people-resistance trio.”

“We always work to regain our land and rights, and the same as we triumphed in July 2006, we will triumph, God willing, in recovering our water, oil and gas rights,” Hezbollah number two added.