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governmentJuly 13, 2022

Delegation of the Lebanese-American Coordination Committee to arrive in Beirut on Friday

A delegation of the Steering Committee of the Lebanese-American Coordination Committee (LACC) is set to arrive in Beirut on the 15th of July, to review the situation in its various political, economic, social and financial aspects after the parliamentary elections and ways to face difficulties, and what can be done in order to mitigate them and their negative repercussions, and support for a rescue roadmap based on implementing structural and sectoral reforms and restoring sovereignty.

Over the course of the seven days, the delegation will tour leaders of political parties and parliamentary blocs, Arab and Western diplomats, representatives of the United Nations in Lebanon, bodies of civil society, women leaders in the lively community forces, and the board of directors of the Civic Impact Forum.

The delegation will then conclude its visit with a press conference in which it will talk about the impressions and conclusions it will form and what it can do in the future in the United States in support of the aspirations of the Lebanese people in building a free, just, independent, sovereign state with citizenship.

In its meetings, the delegation will discuss the titles that will form the road map to an integrated rescue plan for Lebanon that looks to national interests at the strategic level and not for the purpose of tactics.

The delegation will also explain its vision for the future of the situation in Lebanon.