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finance & economyJune 23, 2022

Minister of Economy presses charges against market monopolists

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Economy, Amin Salam, on Wednesday resorted to the judiciary and pressed charges against “market monopolists” by referring to Lebanon’s Financial Public Prosecution documented statements with numbers and evidence revealing “the greed of market monopolists”.

Salam requested quick action to hold those in charge accountable so that they would be an example to everyone who dares to invest in the pain of the Lebanese and in their daily livelihood needs.

“Monopolists have gone so far deceiving the decisions of the Ministry of Economy and Trade for the sake of illegitimate gains making amassing profits by wasting public funds and investing in the pain of the Lebanese and their basic needs,” a statement by the Ministry of Economy read.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Protection Directorate, in cooperation with the security services and municipalities, continues to pursue violators with the hope that the results of such actions will be felt by the Lebanese this week, the statement added.