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Passport appointment platform to be re-activated on Monday

General Security said Friday that the passport appointment platform will be re-activated as of Monday, June 13.

The platform had stopped working in April because of a shortage of travel documents, in part due to the government failing to pay a company tasked with printing new ones. Requests for passport renewals, ten times higher than in previous years, had piled pressure on passport centers and 'affected available passport stocks.'

'The Directorate has completed the administrative and technical procedures and has followed up with the authorities to transfer the funds to the company contracted to issue new passports,' General Security said in a statement.

It added that it had been informed that the company had been paid the amount outstanding.

General Security asked the Lebanese citizens who do not urgently need a passport not to rush to book an appointment so that those who urgently need one can obtain it.

'Passports will be available for everyone as soon as new passports are produced,' General Security said, stressing that it is a right granted by law.

The halt to offering appointments had sowed nationwide panic, as many feared that they would be unable to travel due to expired passports.