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Infiniti Q50 is more than just a good-looking sport sedan

The Infiniti Q50 is what dreams are made of with the head-turning sports sedan being made for those who like variety and the freedom to choose.

With a core of the values that Infiniti exemplifies, Q50 houses best-in-class automotive technology, the latest features, and extreme luxury, making it one of the most powerful sedans in the market today.

It is basically about irresistible safety, technology, power, and style – all in one.

The power that speaks for itself

The Q50 combines excellent design with impressive performance, powered by an award-winning engine. The 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 boasts an excellent design that is worth envying as well.

The Infiniti Q50 comes with a choice of two engines - 400 horsepower 3.0-litre Twin Turbo V6 and the 300 HP 3.0 L V6 Twin-turbo - making sure one has one's way and say.

With one all the way

Be it a short trip to the nearby grocery or a long drive across the UAE – one is covered. By modulating roll, pitch, and bounce rates to provide a steady, regulated ride, the Dynamic Digital Suspension means one leaves one’s worries out of the car.

Whether one is making a trip to a friend's place or driving down to one of the many fun places across the emirate, the Q50 is a four-wheeled powerhouse.

Looking great – effortlessly

The Q50 looks the part among cars in its class, with a sculpted, athletic shape and creative touches throughout. Its beautifully designed front bumper, the 19-inch sporty tires, combined with a performance-focussed engine and iconic design, demand attention. Its expansive stance makes it stand out - loud and clear.

One is connected to all that matters

Pairing one’s smartphone, and therefore one’s digital world is effortless with the Infiniti Q50 - thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that transforms one’s car into the trendiest hotspot on the move.

Furthermore, with Infiniti Driver Assist Technologies, the car functions as one’s actual guardian by identifying obstructions that usually a human eye would overlook.

It's all that one needs

An enigmatic blend of intrinsic design, intrinsic automotive technology, and performance metrics to meet one’s every requirement - the Infiniti Q50 is no doubt an all-in-all car. It's all one needs on the road. Period. Visit Infiniti centres across Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates to explore the potential of this unique sedan.