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governmentJuly 28, 2021

Miqati’s New Govt. Priorities ‘Access to Medicine, Fuel, Electricity’

Behind closed doors, Prime Minister–designate Najib Miqati has asserted that if he is able to form a government, “its priorities, in the period until the parliamentary elections, will be to ensure the access of the Lebanese to medicine, fuel and electricity.'

Members of his team told al-Akhbar newspaper, in remarks published Tuesday, that Miqati “is willing to suggest the idea of using the $900 million that Lebanon will receive from the International Monetary Fund to build two power plants in Deir Amar and al-Zahrani, which would cover Lebanon’s entire need for electricity.”

Sources added that Miqati is counting on the promised international momentum, in order to ensure the implementation of the Egyptian gas import pact, “which will lower the electricity bills and ensure the continuation of (electricity) production.”