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bankingJuly 13, 2021

BDL: Al-Sayyed Spreading Rumors, Lebanon Gold is Safe

The Banque du Liban – Lebanon’s central bank -- assured Monday that “Lebanon’s gold is safe,” in response to MP Jamil al-Sayyed’s remarks that BDL Governor Riad Salameh “had partially or totally disposed of the gold owned by the Central Bank.”

The Central Bank said that Lebanon’s gold reserves “have not been touched,” and will not be touched nor used “as a mortgage” against the country’s interests “as some people wish.”

“Al-Sayyed has been spreading rumors and lies about the Central Bank and its governor and against the banking sector in Lebanon,” the BDL charged.

The Banque du Liban also underlined that it will “preserve the obligatory (foreign currency) reserve,” and called on the officials to revive the Lebanese economy and regain local and international trust by “forming a new government that will implement the required reforms.'