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oil and gasJuly 8, 2021

Gas Stations Say Will be Forced to Close if Not Protected

The assembly of gas station owners demonstrated on Wednesday during which they 'the difficulties they are facing” warning that they might be “forced to sell our stocks and close.”

According to Rashad Msharrafiyeh, who spoke on behalf of the assembly, in a press conference, “the importing companies are unable to secure sufficient quantities,” and “have imposed on the stations to pay their bills in dollars.”

'Citizens also have a hand in the crisis, as some of them are standing in queues to later sell the gasoline on the black market,” Msharrafiyeh said.

He added that “authorities are absent except when it comes to inspections and raids,” claiming that these procedures are “harmful to the stations.”

He called on authorities to take action to secure fair and daily distribution, and protect station owners from the problems they are facing daily, such as fistfights and shootings.