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governmentJune 29, 2021

Aoun Asks Ministers, Administrations to Curb Fuel Crisis

President Michel Aoun has been following up since early morning on “the developments of the fuel crisis in the country” and the “suffering of citizens at gas stations,” the Presidency said on Monday.

To that end, Aoun held a series of calls with caretaker Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar and the relevant administrations at the Ministry, calling for “swift and firm measures to contribute to alleviating the fabricated crisis and ending the exploitation of citizens,” the Presidency added in a statement.

The President also called caretaker Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi and several security chiefs, asking them to “help the competent administrative agencies in preventing the storing of fuel, putting them at citizens’ disposal and being strict in enforcing the laws against violators, pending the ease of the crisis during the next 48 hours.”