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April 27, 2021

governmentApril 27, 2021

Judge Lichaa Seals Offices of Mecattaf Firm, Sidelining Ghada Aoun

Judge Samer Lichaa has become in charge of the file of the Mecattaf money exchange company, media reports said.

Lichaa has ordered judicial police to seal the firm’s offices with red wax ahead of carrying on with investigations in the case, the Nidaa al-Watan newspaper reported on Monday.

“This means that the case has practically become in his hands and that Judge (Ghada) Aoun no longer has the right to enter into the company’s premises and tamper with its belongings,” the daily added.

Lichaa had been recently tasked by the state prosecutor to be in charge of the important financial files that had been in the hands of Judge Aoun.

Aoun has rebelled against the state prosecutor’s decision and staged several controversial raids on the company’s office in Awkar, which has sparked political and judicial controversy in the country.

The judge has since been referred to judicial inspection over her actions in the Mecattaf case and also over other cases.