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finance & economyNovember 26, 2020

Ministry of Economy confirms tested samples of Iraqi flour donation 'in compliance with health standards'

NNA - Lebanon's Ministry of Economy and Trade on Wednesday announced in a statement that it has published a copy of the results of the tested Iraqi flour donation samples, after having been conducted by the Industrial Research Institute - Central Laboratory of Grain, Flour, and Bread.

'The samples of flour have been taken from the Iraqi donation that has been stored in the warehouses of Beirut's Sports City; they have been taken from different spots, according to the established rules. All of the tested samples have proven to be in compliance with health and nutritional standards, contrary to all rumors,' the Ministry of Economy's statement read.

'Every statement contrary to these official, independent, and reliable documents aims to create confusion and comes within the framework of unjustified incitement. The Ministry of Economy and Trade affirms its responsibility and keenness on food safety and hopes that the media will seek facts from its own sources instead of being drawn into groundless slanders,' the statement added.

Upon receival, the Iraqi donation was stored in Beirut's Sports City; however, some sides have claimed that a huge amount of the donated flour was damaged after rainwater flooded the storage area.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Beirut issued a statement making clear that it had coordinated the delivery of a flour donation to the brotherly Lebanese people by handing it over to the Lebanese official authorities without any interference in the storage and distribution mechanisms.