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stc’s 5G network ranks top in gaming and download speeds: OpenSignal

RIYADH: A new report released by analytics firm OpenSignal has suggested that stc’s 5G mobile phone network ranks top in gaming and download speeds in Saudi Arabia, ahead of Mobily and Zain.

OpenSignal, a global analytics company specialized in quantifying the mobile network experience, found that stc’s 5G experience was superior in terms of video and gaming, audio applications, download speed and downloading.

stc received the 5G VideoExperience Award, scoring 70.9 points out of 100, while Mobily came in second place with 67.9 points, followed by Zain in the third spot with 64.1 points.

stc topped in giving the best experience for mobile multiplayer games by scoring 64.2 points, followed by Mobily and Zain with 59.6 and 39.1 points respectively.

In the audio application category, Mobily grabbed the top spot with 79 points, followed closely by stc with 78.7 points, while Zain was ranked third with 72.4 points.

In terms of the availability of the 5G network, stc received the 5G Availability Award, scoring 30.1 percent, while Mobily and Zain received 22.8 percent and 24.1 percent respectively.

On the other hand, Mobily beat its competitors in terms of consistency of the 5G network by receiving the ConsistentQuality Award with 63.5 percent, 1.8 percent points higher than stc, which came in second place with 61.7 percent. Zain came in third with 40.2 percent.

Mobily also bagged the Consistent Visual Quality Award with 81.4 percent, while stc came second with 80 percent, and Zain came in third with 72.5 percent.