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telecomMay 10, 2022

Aoun meets Education Minister, discusses telecom matters with Corm

President of the Republic General Michel Aoun discussed on Monday with the current Minister of Education Abbas al-Halabi educational affairs and the situation of the Lebanese University.

After the meeting, al-Halabi said: 'The issues of education and the Lebanese University were on the agenda, and I tackled with the president several issues that will be announced in the next few days. I was very satisfied with this meeting in terms of what could lead to the dissolution of the university's files and to breathe new life to it after a difficult year for its students, administration, professors, and president. I renew my optimism that the next few days will carry, either during this session or the next session of the Council of Ministers, something related to the decrees of the Lebanese University.”

On another level, President Aoun reviewed with Communications Minister Johnny Corm and a number of his aides the reality of telecommunications in Lebanon, especially the cellular sector.

Minister Corm explained that 'this sector is going through difficult circumstances due to the difficult financial and economic conditions in the country and the decline in the exchange rate of the lira compared to the US dollar,' noting that 'the meeting with the President of the Republic was devoted to discussing supposed solutions to develop telephone and Internet services and launch new services, especially information transmission services.

On a diplomatic note, President Aoun received the Ambassador of Spain, Jesús Ignacio Santos Aguado, who conveyed to the President of the Republic the greetings of the King of Spain and the Spanish Prime Minister, pointing out that his country is willing to cooperate with the Lebanese government and provide the urgent assistance it requests in various fields.