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535,000 People Registered to Get the Vaccine to Date

Since Lebanon launched its inoculation campaign against Covid-19 virus on Sunday, around “535,000 individuals” have registered to get the vaccine, said Ali Romani, IT Project Manager at the Ministry of Health and programmer of the vaccination platform.

The number of registration is reportedly considered low compared to a country of over 6 million, including more than 1 million refugees.

But Romani added that the media coverage and vigilance campaigns encouraging people to get the vaccine, 'the drive is gathering momentum.'

Lebanon launched an electronic platform for citizens and residents wishing to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

Lebanon administered Sunday its first jabs of COVID-19 vaccine, with an intensive care unit physician and a well-known 93-year-old comedian becoming the first to receive Pfizer-BioNTech doses.

Lebanon launched its inoculation campaign a day after receiving the first batch of the vaccine — 28,500 doses from Brussels, near where Pfizer has a manufacturing facility. More were expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

The rollout will be monitored by the World Bank and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to ensure safe handling and fair and equitable access for all Lebanese.

Lebanon is in the midst of a surge in coronavirus cases. It has registered about 340,861 cases with 4,037 deaths since its first confirmed case last February.