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Scandinavian Biogas acquires key logistics firm

Scandinavian Biogas, one of the Nordic region's largest private producers of biogas as vehicle fuel, has acquired logistics service company Ekdalens Biotransporter, a market leader in the transport of organic material to and from biogas facilities in southern Sweden.

The acquisition is part of Scandinavian Biogas’s strategy to achieve greater integration across the entire value chain, from organic waste to produced biogas and bio-fertiliser, and the capacity to offer comprehensive transport service to the biogas industry.

Ekdalens Biotransporter is a market leader in the transport of organic material with a focus on substrate and bio-substrate to and from biogas facilities in southern Sweden. The company has had a positive operational and financial development in recent years, with several new customers and high capacity utilisation.

“Biogas production is a growing industrial sector, and reliable substrate suppliers are absolutely crucial for the biogas industry. Biogas producers, therefore, need a strong logistics partner with a high level of expertise. Ekdalens Biotransporter matches this description perfectly. The company’s expertise will be important and advantageous for the entire biogas industry in Sweden, as well as for Scandinavian Biogas’s future growth projects, including the one we are pursuing with farmers in Monsteras Municipality,” says Matti Vikkula, CEO of Scandinavian Biogas.

Demand for biogas is growing strongly and positive political signals have generated additional interest. The integration of a logistics operator improves the reliability of substrate deliveries, a key factor in the capacity to guarantee high-availability supply for the production plants.

“Ekdalens Biotransporter has grown rapidly since I started the business 15 years ago. I see Scandinavian Biogas’s acquisition of the company as an important confirmation that this undertaking was entirely right. I look forward to becoming part of Scandinavian Biogas and working together to ensure the continued development of biogas production in Sweden. As supplier of substrate for Scandinavian Biogas’ plant at Sodertorn, we have a well-established long-term relationship,” says Ulf Wäktare, CEO and owner of Ekdalens Biotransporter.