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governmentNovember 22, 2020

Launching of global support initiative to rebuild Beirut's cultural façade

NNA - In wake of the Beirut Port explosion, UNESCO has launched a global support initiative, 'For Beirut', aimed at the reconstruction and restoration of the capital's cultural facade.

To achieve its goal, the UCCN Network of Distinguished Cities encouraged its cities to participate in the initiative through various activities.

Zahle, classified within the network as 'City of Gastronomy', was the first to launch, through the campaign 'Beirut in the Heart of Zahle', an umbrella initiative for its associations through which it adopted a damaged street in Beirut, taking it upon itself to restore the destroyed homes and institutions, and to take care of residents' needs resulting from the blast. This caught the attention of other cities within the network.

Consequently, Zahle was included in the global solidarity campaign launched by the UCCN Network, in which it gathered the activities and initiatives of its cities to support Beirut in a short video calling for more global solidarity to support the Lebanese capital.

According to the Mayor of Zahle - Muallaqa and Taanayel, Asaad Zgheib, in this video, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network gives a clear example through its work that 'solidarity is creativity'.

In this connection, Lebanon's permanent representative at the UNESCO, Ambassador Sahar Baasiri, thanked UNESCO for taking a key role in the reconstruction of Beirut.