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governmentNovember 22, 2020

Lebanon: German company to dispose of Beirut port hazardous material

The Lebanese army announced yesterday that an agreement had been signed with Germany's Combi Lift company to handle and dispose of 52 containers containing dangerous materials from Beirut port.

The agreement was signed between the Army Command, the Customs Directorate and the Beirut Port Administration on the one hand and Combi Lift.

The army statement did not specify the date of signing the agreement with the company.

Earlier yesterday, Lebanon's Al-Akhbar newspaper reported that a German company has concluded an agreement with the Beirut Port Administration to dispose of 49 containers of dangerous materials, despite not holding a license from any European country.

The paper said following the Beirut port explosion, the administration found the hazardous materials which had been stored on the site for more than 11 years, adding that the contract was signed with the German Company during a state of panic and haste. The deal is worth $2 million in addition to $1.6 million which will be deducted from future European grants and donations that have not reached Lebanon yet.

Last Saturday, the Lebanese judiciary announced that 28 people have been charged in connection with the Beirut port explosion which killed almost 200 people and led to300.00 people being left homeless.