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Govt. Declares New Lockdown Measures to Face Resurgent Virus

Jul 28

Govt. Declares New Lockdown Measures to Face Resurgent Virus

The government on Monday announced new lockdowns in a bid to rein in a new wave of coronavirus cases in the country.

Non-essential sectors will be closed from Tuesday until August 10, Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi said after a meeting for the government’s anti-COVID ministerial panel.

Those sectors include bars, nightclubs, sporting races, event halls and gardens, internal gaming centers, popular souks, indoor and outdoor children parks, public parks, seaside promenades, public beaches, religious ceremonies, indoor pools, group training sessions at gyms, concerts, places of worship, theaters and cinemas.

Restaurants, cafes and public transportation vehicles will meanwhile be obliged to operate with 50% of their customer capacity.

The government also asked those who age 65 years and older to stay home and avoid mixing.

A general lockdown involving all private institutions and companies, markets and the educational and banking sectors will meanwhile be imposed from July 30 to August 3 and from August 6 to August 10.

“All gatherings will be banned,” Fahmi said.

He added that the health, food, security, military, pharmaceutical, industrial, agricultural and media sectors in addition to public institutions and municipalities and the sea, land and air ports of entry will be exempt from the lockdown measures.