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oil and gasFebruary 26, 2020

Nasr to NNA: Drillship works will take 55-60 days

NNA - Head of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration, Walid Nasr, stressed in an interview with the 'National News Agency', that the drilling process by the Tungsten Explorer drillship, which arrived in Lebanon today, will take between 55 and 60 days in block 4 of the Lebanese waters, at a depth of 1500 meters.

Nasr also noted that the depth of the well is about 4,100 meters below sea level.

Asked about the step that will follow the drilling process, he said: 'It takes about two months to analyze the results of the drilling.'

'According to the results, there are two possibilities: either finding a dry well, i.e., no gas and no oil, or finding quantities of these two substances, at which time Total may need to drill additional wells to be able to determine the quantities and to know whether they are commercially viable or not.'

Nasr deemed that whatever the results, this step is considered important and positive for Lebanon.

'In both cases, this process is important and positive for Lebanon..
Even if the well is found to be dry, the geological information that we will attain is of great significance in terms of studying the nature of the seabed in Lebanon with regard to oil, and for better planning for drilling additional wells in the future.'

'If it becomes evident that commercial quantities are available, then we will enter the phase of preparations and planning for the production stage that requires drilling additional wells and building the necessary infrastructure to start the extraction process.'