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Parliament Braces for Budget Approval amid Tight Security Measures

Jan 27

Parliament Braces for Budget Approval amid Tight Security Measures

Tight security measures were imposed near Lebanon’s parliament on Monday as the legislature prepares to approve the 2020 state budget, as protesters rallied in protest.

Security forces have remarkably intensified their presence and blocked several roads leading to Nejmeh Square in downtown Beirut.

“The parliament is going to approve a state budget approved by the late ousted government, how can that be possible,” a protester told a reporter.

“The people have ousted the government (of PM Saad Hariri) hence all plans it prepared are also rejected,” the protester added.

On Saturday, hundreds of Lebanese gathered outside Beirut's central government building to reject the newly formed Cabinet. Protesters breached tight security around the building, removing a metal gate and barbed wire and prompting security forces to respond with water cannon and tear gas.

Central Beirut has metamorphosed into a security zone as riot police and soldiers have been heavily deployed, barricades and checkpoints erected.

Security measures prevented protesters from reaching the parliament area, which has become a flash point in recent days for confrontations between protesters and security.