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Over 300 new real estate projects

Sep 10

Over 300 new real estate projects

Mazraa the best performing region

Since 2018 more than 300 real estate residential building projects have been launched. In 2018 there were 263 new projects underway and 51 have been launched in the first six months this year, according to ‘Still Building Apartments’, an article published in the September issue of Lebanon Opportunities.

The projects tend to be smaller than in previous years in terms of both the number of units and their size. Around 80 percent of the new projects launched since 2018 are of less than 25 units.

Developers are focusing on regions where the demand is for apartments of 150 to 160 m2 and that are close to job centers. In Beirut the Mazraa area has the highest number of new buildings (16 under construction since 2018). In Mount Lebanon, the Metn area has a 29 percent market share of new projects.