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Macron Contacts Hariri, Praises 'Progress' Paving for CEDRE

Sep 08

Macron Contacts Hariri, Praises 'Progress' Paving for CEDRE

Prime Minister Saad Hariri received on Friday a telephone call from French President Emmanuel Macron who expressed satisfaction with the progress accomplished by Lebanon towards launching the CEDRE investment projects during the meeting of French envoy Pierre Duquesne with Hariri, the Premier’s office said.

Macron also stressed France's commitment to Lebanon's stability and security and to strengthening its state and institutions, and the importance of providing calm and stability on the southern border.

Hariri thanked Macron, during the lengthy call, for his efforts to contain the escalation after the Israeli attack on Beirut Southern suburbs. He expressed Lebanon's gratitude for France’s leading role in the extension of UNIFIL’s mandate in Lebanon. He stressed Lebanon's adherence to resolution 1701.

Macron and Hariri agreed to pursue in-depth discussion on accelerating the implementation of reforms and investment projects in Lebanon and ways of enhancing stability during their upcoming meeting on September 20 in Paris.