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Govt. Agrees Sites of 3 Waste Incinerators, Says May 'Impose' Landfills

Aug 28

Govt. Agrees Sites of 3 Waste Incinerators, Says May 'Impose' Landfills

The Cabinet on Tuesday approved most of the points of the new waste management plan as an agreement was reached on setting up three incinerators in various locations, a minister said.

“A committee will be formed so that we finalize the financial study,” Environment Minister Fadi Jreissati said after a Cabinet session focused on the file.

Asked about the controversy over the landfills, Jreissati said the point was discussed thoroughly without being finalized.

“We have given local authorities a one-month deadline to suggest sites and each region has the right to propose an alternative,” the minister added.

He, however, warned that the government will be obliged to “impose solutions” if MPs, municipalities and municipal unions do not suggest locations for the landfills.

Noting that landfills are necessary for a period of four to five years in order to finalize the thermal disintegration plants, or incinerators, Jreissati said the plants will be set up in “Deir Amar, Beirut and south Beirut.”

“An agreement has been reached on two sites and the south Beirut site is yet to be agreed on,” the minister added, noting that “the AMAL Movement and Hizbullah have been given a two-week deadline to submit the most appropriate proposal for this site.”