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President Signs 2019 State Budget

Jul 31

President Signs 2019 State Budget

President Michel Aoun has signed on Wednesday the 2019 state budget following controversy over Article 80 related to state hires of Civil Service Council applicants, the National News Agency said.

The budget was sent to Aoun last week for signing but he abstained because of “confusion” over Article 80.

The Article in question “preserves the employment right” of those who succeeded in Civil Service Council exams who have yet to be hired.

The budget was sent to the President for signing it off after it was signed by Speaker Nabih Berri and PM Saad Hariri. If Aoun had refused to sign the budget, it would have been returned back to Parliament for further discussion.

The Parliament endorsed the highly controversial budget last week that introduced austerity measures to cut a ballooning budget deficit.