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Abu Sleiman vows to pursue implementation of the law, says it cannot be fragmented

Jul 28

Abu Sleiman vows to pursue implementation of the law, says it cannot be fragmented

NNA - Labor Minister Kamil Abu Sleiman stressed Saturday that he is adamant on implementing the Lebanese Labor Law, away from any act of fragmentation.

In an interview with 'Voice of Lebanon' Station this morning, Abu Sleiman stated that he is performing his ministerial duties in a technical, and not in a political manner, adding, 'We must not always think of a settlement. There is a law that must be implemented in order to regulate the labor force, and to activate the Lebanese labor force.'

'The Ministry of Labor's plan shall continue and it is beginning to be fruitful,' he asserted.

In response to a question, Abu Sleiman said that 'Prime Minister Saad Hariri is looking for solutions to ease the Palestinian tension and did not ask him to postpone the implementation of his Ministry's plan.'

He added that inspection is ongoing in this respect, noting that the main target is not Palestinian labor but rather the huge portion of illegal Syrian labor in the country.

The Minister expressed his surprise at the recent Palestinian uproar which he did not see when America decided to consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel! He said: 'The current law is a starting point, but some are lost in the corridors of politics...We have to consider the Labor Law as our base, and not philosophy. The Labor Law stipulates that those who are not Lebanese should obtain a work permit, and exceptions are unacceptable in this respect.'

On the cabinet's work, Abu Sleiman expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of the government, deeming the existing disruption as 'unsound' and calling for 'thinking seriously of the 2020 annual budget starting today.'

'I hope that we approach the 2020 budget in a different way and a clear vision through a deficit of not more than 5%,' he said, noting that the Lebanese Forces Party always votes for the interest of sovereign matters, working conscientiously for the benefit of citizens.