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Launch of Directors Lab Mediterranean at AUB

Jul 20

Launch of Directors Lab Mediterranean at AUB

NNA - Directors Lab Mediterranean, a sister Lab to Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab in NYC founded by Anne Cattaneo in 1995, was launched at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

In a press release by AUB, it said: 'Hosted by the Theater Initiative at AUB and the Department of Fine Arts and Art History, DLM aims to bring forth the voices of Mediterranean countries on an artistic level and create a place for directors from all over the world to exchange knowledge and ideas and come in touch with the artistic and dramaturgical heritage of the Mediterranean area. In this first edition, the lab brings together emerging and mid-career stage directors from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Greece, Jordan, Lithuania, Serbia and Russia in a fascinating 10 days program that includes workshops, shared sessions, rehearsals and discussions with major guest artists from around the Mediterranean.'

The Lab will focus on exploring the Mediterranean as a source for themes, stories and theatrical traditions and to explore the region as an artistic and not only a political entity.

AUB's Sahar Assaf is leading DLM as Artistic Director with steering committee members Annita Capousizi from Greece, Juan Carlos Martel Bayod from Spain, Mohammad Bani Hani from Jordan and Lisa Nava from Italy. After its inauguration in Beirut, DLM aims to rotate around the Mediterranean cities in the future years.'