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Hariri sponsors launching of BEDCO project

Jul 11

 Hariri sponsors launching of BEDCO project

NNA - The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri sponsored this afternoon at the Grand Serail the opening ceremony of the first social initiative for contracting and construction in Lebanon “Beb el-Dahab Construction” (BEDCO). The project, initiated by “March” Association, with the support of the British Embassy in Lebanon, aims to secure job opportunities for marginalized youth in Tripoli.

Hariri thanked the President of “March” Lea Baroudi and said: “We must make young men and women communicate with each other and get to know each other and know that Lebanon is a diverse country. Youth in Bab al-Tabbaneh are not different from the young people in Jabal Mohsen. They are all people, families, brothers, mothers and friends. Some people may have been trying to cultivate hatred, but you, Lea, with “March”, and today with BEDCO, have been able to remove hatred. We need such initiatives because they give hope. As the British ambassador said, it was an idea that turned into a project and then a reality. Today, you are able to do this because of your openness and knowledge of the fact that there is no difference between you except that every one of you lived in an area and did not know the other.”

He concluded: “Young men and women, whatever you see and whatever you hear, make your own opinion. Everyone wants to convince you of his opinion, especially politicians, but each one of you has his own opinion, and is the master of the himself. Learn and grow up in this Lebanese society, and I assure you that as a country, as Saad Hariri, we will continue to support this project. I assure you that we will work with the European Union to classify “BEDCO” as part of the CEDRE projects because these are the people, we want to build Lebanon with.”