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Chinese delegation tours Bekaa region, explores possibilities of economic and development cooperation

Jun 24

Chinese delegation tours Bekaa region, explores possibilities of economic and development cooperation

NNA - An official Chinese delegation representing the Chinese Embassy in Beirut visited the Bekaa region on Saturday, as part of China's open-door policy towards Middle Eastern countries and its efforts to create economic and trade cooperation with Lebanon.

In this framework, the delegation members visited the Union of Bekaa Municipalities at its center in Maksi, where they were welcomed by Union Head Mohamad al-Bast and members of the Union.

In a brief word on the prevailing conditions in the Bekaa region, al-Bast said: 'The Bekaa is an agricultural area with many industrial institutions for agricultural production...with a strategic location due to its proximity to Damascus.'

He stressed that 'the Bekaaians look forward to a good relationship with the Chinese state through Lebanese state institutions and investors.'

'We hope that this visit will be positive in reflecting a good image of the Bekaa region, in order to boost and strengthen bilateral relations,' he added.

Al-Bast outlined a number of plans which he hoped would be of interest to China in line with the 'Silk Road Project,' in addition to the possibility of providing humanitarian and cultural assistance because of China's role in promoting intercommunication.

The delegation then paid a visit to the Municipality of Zahle, where they highlighted with its officials the importance of bilateral communication and interconnection between both countries in the fields of development and economic projects.

Other stop-overs in the delegation's Bekaa tour included visits to the Industrialists' Center and the Municipality Unions of Western Bekaa and Rashaya, where they discussed with concerned officials possible bilateral cooperation.

The Chinese delegation members expressed their admiration for the Bekaa region's positive components at the economic, tourism and agricultural levels, expressing their willingness to promote the region among Chinese industrialists.

'The Chinese government supports industrial and agricultural economic cooperation between China and Arab governments,' said Li Jing, Economic Adviser to the Chinese government.

'I had a closer look at the region's prevailing conditions, and we will relay the vision of the Bekaais, industrialists and civil society, to the leadership and to Chinese investors to help find an investment mechanism,' she added, pointing to the need to work with the Center for Studies and the Ministry of Industry to draw projects and submit them to the Chinese State through the Lebanese Foreign Affairs Ministry.

'The Chinese Embassy in Lebanon is ready to create a cooperative atmosphere,' the Chinese Adviser corroborated.