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Lakkis meets FAO experts in Rome

Jun 24

Lakkis meets FAO experts in Rome

NNA - Minister of Agriculture, Hassan Lakkis, met at a dinner hosted by the Lebanese Embassy in Rome, experts from the World Food Organization (FAO) in addition to Lebanese and foreign dignitaries, as part of his visit to the Italian capital to participate in the forty-first session of the FAO Conference.

In an interview with the National News Agency, Minister Lakkis said: 'Our relationship with FAO is historic...We are interested in the participation of Lebanon as an agricultural country, despite the state's neglection of this sector so far.'

Lakkis added that 'Lebanon extends a helping hand to the donor countries and the international organization so that we can achieve a balance in the state's revenues and improve the agricultural sector in our country. '

He noted that 'Lebanon's participation in the meeting is an opportunity to meet with a number of participants from various countries with sufficient agricultural expertise that can be used to improve our situation.'

Commenting on the establishment of the FAO Regional Center in Lebanon, Lakkis said that 'Lebanon allocated $ 2 million as a contribution to the establishment of the Regional Center because of its importance.'

Finally, the Minister noted that in 2015, FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture signed a Convention against Child Labor in Agriculture and recommended that all parties and relevant organizations, such as UNICEF and the International Labor Organization (ILO), begin working in Lebanon to combat this scourge.