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Pub cluster and resort opened in Jbeil

May 29

Pub cluster and resort opened in Jbeil

Vigor City, a pub cluster and resort, opened late this month in Mastita, Jbeil.

The project is built on a 7,000 square meter plot of land. Pierre Lahoud, owner and operator of the project, invested around $2 million. Lahoud has rented the land and built-up area from Wissam Baroudi for ten years.

Vigor City includes a resort during the day, comprising a swimming pool and restaurant.

Vigor City also comprises 12 pubs including Vice, Newtrl, Loren, Steel, Orvis, Be you, Rated, and Crude. Each outlet which measures on average 100 square meters and is rented at $40,000 per year. The outlets include the roof top and the space in front of it.

Vigor City will create around 400 job opportunities.