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Choucair, Rampling tackle means of bolstering economic relations

May 29

Choucair, Rampling tackle means of bolstering economic relations

NNA - Minister of Telecommunications, Mohammed Choucair, on Tuesday received British Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling, with whom he discussed means of enhancing bilateral economic relations.

Ambassador Rampling was accompanied by head of UK Export Finance in the Middle East and North Africa.

During the meeting, Minister Choucair emphasized the importance of increasing economic cooperation between Lebanon and the United Kingdom, deeming the bilateral relations as deeply rooted in history.

Discussions also reportedly dwelt on most recent developments in the economic domain, especially state budget 2019 endorsement, which will pave the way for the implementation of the CEDRE Conference projects and the government's economic and social programs.

Minister Choucair also briefed the delegation on the programs implemented by the Ministry to increase the competitiveness of the telecommunications sector in Lebanon and improve services for citizens.

Ambassador Rampling, in turn, emphasized his country's interest in strengthening relations with Lebanon at the various levels, as a significant hub for business in the region.

Rampling also noted 'there are many prospects of cooperation between British and Lebanese companies in the various domains, including the telecommunications sector.'