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Bassil to Present ‘Initiative’ at Cabinet to Slash State Deficit

May 15

Bassil to Present ‘Initiative’ at Cabinet to Slash State Deficit

The Cabinet held another budget session on Tuesday amid reports that Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil plans to present an “initiative” that will help in slashing the state’s budget deficit.

“Bassil will make a qualitative intervention at the government meeting to put the budget on the final route,” said Minister of State for Presidency Affairs Salim Jreissati of Bassil’s Free Patriotic Movement.

For his part, Industry Minister Wael Abu Faour commenting on Bassil’s intended statement at Cabinet said he has no knowledge about it.

Information Minister Jamal Jarrah ruled out the possibility of finalizing the budget discussions today, saying “the possibility is zero over ten. We will not be able to finish discussions today. We have discussed the budget items but still have to tackle reformative articles. Bassil and other ministers will make suggestions to slash the budget.”