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Syndicate of Banque du Liban Employees Declares 'Open Strike'

May 05

Syndicate of Banque du Liban Employees Declares 'Open Strike'

The syndicate of Banque du Liban employees on Saturday announced an open-ended strike in protest at the government’s possible plans to reduce their salaries and benefits as part of austerity measures to cut the budget deficit.

The syndicate declared the strike will prolong “until political authorities draw back their unjust decisions,” they announced.

Stressing that benefits and salaries of BDL employees “must not be touched,” they added saying “we will not waiver our rights and plan to escalate measures to the fullest extent.”

However they said the decision “has nothing to do with the governor of BDL,” noting that “Governor Riad Salameh does not support the strike.”

During its series of budget session to discuss an austere 2019 state budget, the Cabinet on Friday discussed several articles including ones related to reduction in salaries for BDL employees.