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Bassil says crisis is huge, fears are great, thus entailing extraordinary decisions

May 05

Bassil says crisis is huge, fears are great, thus entailing extraordinary decisions

NNA - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Gebran Bassil, considered Saturday that the huge crisis and rising concerns in the country necessitate the adoption of extraordinary decisions.

'We are today before an exceptional opportunity to carry out an economic reform in the country because the crisis is huge and fears are great, whereby we are supposed to take extraordinary decisions,' he asserted.

'In this country, we only become aware of the need to unite when we are on the verge of war or when faced with a problem,' criticized Bassil.

'All my fear in regards to the budget issue is that our discussion would not be at the level of the crisis we are living, for we are still carrying out computation solutions at a time when we have to be adopting radical measures in the way we approach the budget,' he highlighted.

'We are demanding to link the budget with the economy, because the problem is not only fiscal deficit. We cannot solve the fiscal deficit without finding a solution to the trade deficit and emerge from the crisis,' Bassil underscored.

His words came during his meeting with various industrialists and economists from the district of Jbeil earlier today, during a ceremony organized by the Chairman of 'Millennium Paper Products' Company, Rabih Awwad, at the Company's headquarters in the town of Hasroun, in the presence of deputies from the 'Strong Lebanon' Parliamentary Bloc.

'We need to liberalize our economic policy,' Bassil went on. 'Just as we liberated our land, today we are facing a political battle to liberate our economic decision from foreign domination and to change the political mentality that governs us,' he asserted.

Touching on the rising cost of soil in Lebanon raised by one of the ceremony attendees, Bassil pointed to the existence of 'Lebanese cartels' in this domain, saying, 'One of the economic functions of the Free Patriotic Movement as a political party is to target all the cartels and monopolies in this country. '