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Hasbani: We will carry out reform for country's sake

May 05

Hasbani: We will carry out reform for country's sake

NNA - 'Reform will be implemented regardless of CEDRE Conference for the sake of the country,' Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani said Saturday at the closing ceremony of the Beirut Environment Conference.

He added: 'The funds of CEDRE exist and will remain, because a country like Lebanon cannot provide an integrated file to borrow money, but will be given the money.'

After a dialogue with Minister of Environment Fadi Jeraisati and representatives of the World Bank, the United Nations, the European Union and environmental associations, Hasbani noted that 'Lebanon has committed itself to the goals of sustainable development till the year 2030 at the highest levels, and formed a national committee comprising all ministries, as well as representatives of civil society and the private sector.'

Finally, he said it was important that the environmental factor be essential in all projects to be provided for any investment that Lebanon might witness.