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5 accessories every man needs

Apr 16

5 accessories every man needs

A list of must-haves to enhance your look

Money spent on accessories is money earned! By investing smartly in accessories, you can save your money in the long run. Accessories transform your look without you having to buy new clothes all the time. With your existing wardrobe, you can create fresh looks without spending too much. Here are some of my favourite must-haves, which, I believe, every man must possess.

Create your Suit Accessories Box
Keep a few tie pins, lapel pins, bow or neck ties, pocket squares in different patterns or shades and classic cufflinks. These accessories can make your simple classic suit or jacket look new at all times by simply adding different accessories from time to time. Avoid matching your tie with the pocket square. They can be of the same colour, but same pattern is a big no-no. Having safe shades like black is the best way to get started; you can eventually move towards stripes or geometrical patterns. Most stylish men are indebted to these accessories.

2019 has seen that bracelets are here to stay. Various options are available and there is something for everyone in the market. From leather to metallic, the options are plenty. Personally, I am a huge fan of the silver metallic bracelet as it complements most shades and adds that touch of class to the look. If you go for the beaded bracelet, then avoid wearing a chunk of them together and stick to a maximum of two.

Invest in some classic watches that have timeless appeal. Personally, I feel one need not have many pairs of watches and must invest in one classic piece that can last a lifetime and even passed on to the next generation. If you are looking for a timeless watch, then go for silver metallic ones as they tend to be sturdier and last longer. Leather ones, on the other hand, tend to wear out over the years.

Do not underestimate the power of socks. It can change the look of the entire outfit if worn right. Keeping a few safe ones like black would always be great for most looks. If you like to change your style, then go for prints or exciting coloured options. Most high street brands as well as brands like Happy Socks offer a variety of exciting options.

Glasses that suit the shape of your face and personality can enhance your look drastically. Find a frame that complements you and makes a style statement. Sunglasses for the outdoors have been in trend forever; however, it's the plain glasses in a good frame that can do the magic indoors.
Invest in your accessories sensibly. For example, most of my accessories like tie pins, bracelets, watches and cufflinks are all in metallic silver as they end up pairing well together. Silver usually blends easily with every shade of the outfit and creates an overall rich look. Another tip is not to over-accessorise. When in doubt, remember less is more. Last but not the least, I check if my accessories are in good condition from time to time and change them as soon as they wear out.
Next time you are stepping out, I hope you will add some flavour to your existing wardrobe and make a fun statement.