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Bteish meets Iran's ambassador, UNDP representative

Mar 14

Bteish meets Iran's ambassador, UNDP representative

NNA - Trade and Economy Minister Mansour Bteish, on Wednesday met in his office at the Ministry with the Resident Representative of UNDP Lebanon, Celine Moyroud, with talks reportedly touching on the Ministry's action plan to advance the Lebanese economy in the coming period.

Moyroud took up with the Minister means of joint cooperation, especially in terms of developing national policies and strategies in line with Lebanon's commitments and sustainable development goals 2030.

Discussions also covered means of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and developing a national strategy for export development.

On the other hand, Minister Bteish met with Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Jalal Feroznia, who came on a courtesy visit.

This evening, Batish met with a delegation of the World Bank, as part of their tour to ministries and private sector associations to promote the digital economy program in Lebanon.