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Guidanian from Berlin: What we need is clear tourism plan to be launched within a month

Mar 09

Guidanian from Berlin: What we need is clear tourism plan to be launched within a month

NNA - Tourism Minister Avedis Guidanian participated in the 53rd session of the World Tourism Exchange in Berlin in the presence of 180 countries and a large number of tourism professionals and businessmen.

The Lebanese pavilion was also opened in the presence of Lebanon's ambassador to Germany Mostafa Al-Adeeb and representatives of the Lebanese tourism sector and the Middle East Airlines.

Minister Guidanian held meetings with the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, the German Minister of Tourism, Member of the Tourism Committee, the Croatian Tourism Minister, the Omani Tourism Minister, the Moroccan State Minister for Tourism Affairs, and the chairman of the board of Qatar Airways.

Guidanian told reporters from different international, European, German and Arabic media outlets that 'Lebanon is a qualified country capable of attracting more tourists than it currently receives. What is needed today is a clear tourism plan; which I will launch within a month and will be accessible to all through the launching of the Tourism Promotion Authority which will bring together the private and public tourism sectors.'

The Minister stressed that his presence at the tourism fair is an additional reason to re-encourage European tourists, especially Germans, to come to Lebanon. German tourists represent the second largest number of Europeans to visit Lebanon.'

'There is an interest in Lebanon shown by the officials I met with, in addition to all the international companies,' he confirmed.