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Choucair meets French Ambassador

Feb 26

Choucair meets French Ambassador

NNA - Minister of Telecommunications, Mohammad Choucair, met Monday with French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher, who congratulated him on his new post.

Talks reportedly touched on the bilateral economic relations and the 'Cedre' conference.

Minister Choucair underlined 'the depth of the friendly relations between the two countries,' hailing France's permanent stand by Lebanon, which was recently demonstrated at the Cedre conference.

Choucair stressed the importance of the investment program in infrastructure in Lebanon, which was adopted by the Cedre Conference. The Minister underscored the need for a swift implementation of this program in all its aspects, notably in terms of reforms.

Ambassador Foucher wished Choucair success in his mission, stressing his country's permanent support to Lebanon, notably in securing all the requirements for launching the 'Cedre' projects.