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Sanitation network project kicks off in Tafilah

Feb 04

Sanitation network project kicks off in Tafilah

Amman, Feb.3 (Petra)-- Minister of Water and Irrigation, Raed Abu Al Saud, on Sunday signed an agreement to implement a sanitation network project to serve many areas in the Tafilah Governorate, southwest of Amman, at a total cost of $200,00.

During the signing ceremony, the minister said the project, funded by a Saudi grant to carry out wastewater enterprises, will serve many neighborhoods in the southern governorate, solve its environmental pollution crisis, and to connect sewage networks with the Tafilah Wastewater Treatment Plant as part of the government's efforts to improve the level of services provided to citizens across the country.

The minister announced treated water will be used to irrigate areas near the plant, adding the project will create job opportunities for the region's residents, and help cattle breeders grow locally needed crops , in a bid to make economic development.

Abu Al Saud also appreciated the 'great' support extended by donor nations, particularly Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates( UAE), and other brotherly countries, to face urgent conditions in the water and energy sectors, triggered by the huge burdens the Kingdom is battling .