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European Union Ambassadors visit Saida

Dec 05

European Union Ambassadors visit Saida

NNA - In a press release by the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon, it said: 'European Union Ambassador Christina Lassen and Ambassadors and representatives of 13 EU Member States visited Saida today.

The delegation met with the Head of the Municipality, Mohammad el Saoudi, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Sidon and South Lebanon, Mohamad Saleh. During the meetings, the EU Ambassadors took stock of the political, economic and security developments in the city, and discussed the opportunities and challenges facing the population, in particular the youth.

A lunch was hosted by MP Bahia Hariri in the presence of the Head of the Saida Municipality, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, youth activists and civil society representatives. The delegation also met with the religious authorities of Saida.

Ambassador Lassen said that 'the European Union is dedicated to a prosperous development of the beautiful City of Saida'. 'We are here in Saida today to learn about the City's opportunities and challenges and hear at first-hand about the important engagement of and cooperation with local political leaders, civil society and stakeholders. The European Union remains a strong and committed friend of Saida', she added.

The Ambassadors visited the Temple of Echmoun and toured the Old Saida Souk, including the Soap Museum.'