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Bridgestone #1 Global Tire Co. for 10th year

Nov 01

Bridgestone #1 Global Tire Co. for 10th year

BRIDGESTONE continues to rein as the world leader in the tyre industry for the 10th consecutive year. The largest tyre manufacturer in the world has been recognized as the No.1 global tire company, following the release of the 2018 Global Tire rankings by Tire Business.

Bridgestone’s industry-wide dominance was accredited on the basis of their revenue from the sale of tires. Companies from around the world were ranked using a rigorous selection process, excluding items such as third-party sales of steel cord, synthetic rubber or carbon black, as well as estimates for non-tyre items such as auto-service-related revenue at company-owned retail stores.

Mete Ekin, Regional Managing Director, Bridgestone MEA said, “This is truly a significant achievement and we’d like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to Tire Business for recognizing our work for the 10th consecutive year. Needless to say, this decade-long recognition would not be possible without our extensive global workforce of close to 143,000 members, valuable business partners and our loyal consumers themselves.”

”In our ever-changing world, we see social, economical, and technological opportunities evolving and shaping the future of mobility. This accomplishment is a testimony to our commitment toward continuous innovation and to become ‘Dan Totsu’ - to be the clear and absolute leader in Mobility Solutions,” he added.

This achievement recognizes the outstanding quality of Bridgestone products and services and aligns with the company’s mission of ‘Serving Society with Superior Quality’ by creating solutions that eventually lead to a better, ‘well connected’ society.