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Beirut Art Week 2018: An artistic walk of 16 stops through the heart of beirut

Sep 20

Beirut Art Week 2018: An artistic walk of 16 stops through the heart of beirut

Under the Patronage of the Minister of Culture H. E. Dr. Ghattas Khoury, BEIRUT ART WEEK (September 18-25) was launched, continuing its annual tradition of bringing contemporary art to the heart of Beirut.

BEIRUT ART WEEK is a unique offsite program of BEIRUT ART FAIR (September 20-23) featuring works of art displayed in public spaces and the city’s most prestigious shops.

  • E. Dr. Khoury stated, “In the Economic Development Plan, obviously Culture plays a very important role. Investment in culture is an investment in the future, and it’s also an investment in the economy. Every year, this art fair [BEIRUT ART FAIR] is getting bigger and bigger, and we have a country proud of its culture, of its art, and of its people. It’s also very important to point out that we’re opening a museum in 2020, which will be another landmark in Lebanon!”

Reflecting Beirut’s standing as a cultural center, this year’s artistic walk of BEIRUT ART WEEK includes 16 STOPS with a festive spirit that showcase important artworks of Lebanese and international artists placed inside and outside Hotel Le Gray, and at Samir Kassir Pool, Beirut Souqs entrance, Elie Saab Boutique, 3Beirut, Pik’d pop-up store, the old L’Orient-Le Jour building in Beirut Souqs, Opera Gallery, and Arthaus Gemmayzeh.

Among the stops, the amazing “ciné-concert” of exclusive archives of Beirut titled “In the Heart of Beirut”, with a live performance by SIG, at the Opera Gallery terraces, in cooperation with the Lebanese Film Festival.

The public is on a rendez-vous to enjoy the works of the gifted artists Nayla Romanos Iliya, Bassam Kyrillos, Marc Sijan, Young-Deok Seo (2 works), Merete Rasmussen, Charles Khoury, Bibiana Domit, Antonio Signorini, Stefano Bombardieri, Cathleen Naundorf, Philippe Aractingi, Nabil Helou, Jean Boghossian, and Carlos Garcia de la Nuez.

A map is on hand to the locations of the 16 STOPS of BEIRUT ART WEEK at the Le Gray Hotel and on BEIRUT ART FAIR website. The artworks on show promise to trigger interest and delight, and to be of an art appreciation value to the public, Lebanese and foreign.