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Lebanon’s Mufti: The Country is Threatened with Deep Divisions

Sep 12

 Lebanon’s Mufti: The Country is Threatened with Deep Divisions

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdellatif Derian said that Lebanon was going through a major crisis as a result of the failure to form a government, economic and social problems, and deep political divisions.

He called for “solidarity, consensus and exchange of opinion in a good spirit, and a wise awareness of national problems,” stressing the need for a sincere will to reach solutions.

Addressing the Lebanese people on the occasion of the Hijri new year, the Grand Mufti urged Lebanese politicians to communicate and “rationally” find solutions to the “dangerous” economic and political situation in the country.

He hoped Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri would succeed in forming “a government for everyone,” stressing that sectarian tension would make things worse.

He also stressed that the insistence of various political parties to make unrelenting demands for seats in the new Cabinet would be beneficial to no one.

“The situation is really alarming,” the Mufti said. “Some (officials) show recklessness towards the fate of the country to the extent that people talk about changing the strategic location of Lebanon.”

He lauded the PM-designate’s efforts and his decision to shun the ongoing disputes, “which would only add to the division.”