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Renovation work at Beirut's airport to start in November

Sep 06

 Renovation work at Beirut's airport to start in November

Beirut airport's manager Fadi El Hassan announced Wednesday that renovation work at Rafik Hariri International Airport (RHIA) will start in November, local media reported.

'There will be a clear change at the airport and an easiness of movement for passengers,' Hassan was quoted by Elnashra, an independent online newspaper, as saying.

Officials have on many occasions called for expansion of RHIA in addition to buying new equipment for the establishment in a bid to cater to an increased number of passengers.

Earlier this year, Lebanese Finance Ministry approved 18 million U.S. dollars in funding for the expansion of RHIA.

The funding came following a steady increase in the passenger number at the airport since 2008, according to a study released by the airport's Research and Studies Department in March 2018.

The study predicted that as many as 10 million passengers would travel via the RHIA by 2020 while the airport has the capacity of hosting only six million passengers annually.

The number of passengers at the airport in August has reached 1.2 million.